( Update - August 4th 2018 - Changes to Conditioning Routine )

Hello !

So I'm resting now. It's the weekend of week 48, laying low in preparation for week 49 !

I'm going to be changing things up a bit for week 49 minorly and majorly on week 52  (1 year mark).

Week 49 - Ab crunches will be reduced from (20) reps per set, to (10), with a raised starting minimum. 

Week 52 - I'll be testing my 1 rep max and adopt a new training method to improve them. All reps will be reduced to (5) from (10), and I will increase sets to (5) from (4).  This is a total rep reduction of (40) down to (25), and set increase by (1), allowing for more rest time. I will be increasing the intensity of my workout as well.  

This is to focus predominantly on a more efficient way of gaining strength. 

Going to test to see if this allows for better rest and recovery for Friday Tricking Sessions and Gatherings that fall on the same week as workouts. 

I generally stick to this routine and condition even on the week of a gathering. As I intend to optimize performance to a greater degree as my training evolves, I believe that this is the next step in the process !

Charts and graphs and details to be posted. For indepth details, please refer to my open training log. 

Happy training to you !