Update 9 - Always refining ! - Sunday, March 3rd 2019 

- Abductor / Adductor machine removed

As intensity continues with leg press and extensions, and now adding Squats, which will soon become heavy.. it’s getting kind of pointless to add even more to the table. I see it leading to over training. Removed because by contrast they are the least important leg exercises, but are GREAT for when I cannot squat. If I get another injury that prevents squats, for sure I will be using these machines but for now, they are not required.

- Still figuring out 1 rep maxes for new exercises

So Squat keeps increasing, upper body strength has been returning nicely and so I am waiting to find out what my 1 rep maxes are in these activities. Once I do, I can cycle intensity percentages in a new order.

4 week (Monthly) intensity cycles once 1 rep maxes are figured out

- Squat ( 70/80/90/100)
- Leg Press (80/90/100/70)
- Upper Body (90/100/70/80)
- Leg Extension (100/70/80/90)

Core activities will be on permanent maintenance. Just always doing their highest because I am never sore from them.

Upper body is a combination of both Overhead Press and Barbell Curl in 1 session. Will keep their intensities equal.

Overall, so far, week 79 completed and I haven’t reached a ceiling YET. Always progressing. I guess things have slowed down since when I started at the very beginning of the routine, and leg extensions are the hardest to make bigger numbers on, but progress is always happening, however fast or slow it may be, progress is progress :) Base power level, especially in Tricking, is the highest it’s ever been. Consistently happy with power, so long as sleep, food and hydration game is strong !

- Edit - March 9th

So I have my 1 rep max figured out, and I’ve finally perfected my training schedule as my work schedule is on a fixed, rotating basis, I have since scheduled my intensity cycle to coincide with how demanding my work week is.


Week 3 of my Work Schedule, allows for 1 Trick Session and 1 Conditioning Session per week, the other 5 days are resting.

So naturally, I can schedule my heaviest exercises which is cycled to 100% effort on that week, where as less intensive exercises, which cycle to 100% will land on weeks where my work schedule will have 3 Tricking sessions, 1 Lift session and 3 days of rest ( such as Week 1 in my Work Schedule ).

In essence, I have a 4 week rotating work schedule, and I cycle my intensities on a 4 week, 70/80/90/100 rotational basis, and I’ve tweaked when to apply those intensities, for their respective exercises, to fall on weeks that best compliment it. Booyah baby ! I’m figuring this all out ! :D

Also, I’ve maxed out the machine for ab crunch and back extensions. So those are on permanent maintenance.

Hope everyone’s great !