Update 8 - Minor Alterations - January 29th & Feb 8th 2019

So for the first 75 weeks I’ve been doing full body PRs. Actually at first I would attempt a PR whenever I felt like it, always just holding up high intensity training at minimum .. I think, I kind of forget, I’d have to go back and look lol.

What I’ve been doing for the past few months, I’ve been scheduling my PRs based on varying intensities per week, leading up to a PR. Starting with 70/80/90% then going max effort on week 4 and repeating the cycle.

I actually do enjoy this style of adaptation to intensity, however, as time goes on, as usual, what starts off as new, becomes the norm, and you begin to see for small tweaks and areas for improvement. So I’m making an optimization to this routine.

I will still be doing 4 week cycles of high intensity gradually increasing, however I’ll be splitting it so that instead of hitting full intensity amongst all body groups ( upper, core, lower ), due to how intense training has become for me, I need to PR one grouping at a time, and have these cycles, on a cycle of their own, as shown below.

Week 1 - 70% Intensity for Leg Press
-90% Intensity for Leg Extension
-80% Intensity for Upper Body
- 100% Intensity for Core

Week 2 - 80% Intensity for Leg Press
- 100% Intensity for Leg Extension
- 90% Intensity for Upper Body
- 70% Intensity for Core

Week 3 - 90% Intesity for Leg Press
- 70% Intensity for Leg Extensions
- 100% intensity for Upper Body
- 80% Intensity for Core

Week 4 - 100% Intensity for Leg Press
- 80% Intensity for Leg Extention
- 70% Intensity for Upper Body
- 90% Intensity for Core

As you can see, it still follows a 4 week cycle of gradual intensity increase, I just mixed the intensities and spread those weeks amongst different body parts, so that each week I am going as hard as possible in one group, while going lighter in others. By week 4, everything will have gone through the 70/80/90/100% intensity cycle, and I’m confident I will still hit PRs in their respective groupings, but the stress of each intensity wont stack causing damage to my body, which achieves a greater balance to my program.

The reason I’m making this optimization is due to life intensity outside of conditioning. I am working long hours, in addition to tricking whenever possible - I am doing what I can to use all the energy I have to make the most opportunity of the life situation I have currently - which I love, but the stress of everything does actually amount, and in order for me to balance everything, I have to develop coping strategies.

If I have an intense work day, intense tricks session, and intense conditioning session ( which by the way, likely these all fall on the same day ), for safety reasons it’s ideal to have strategy in place.

Will be testing this for a minimum of 25 weeks. Review by week 100.

Hope alls great yo ! Peace out


Feb 8th 2019

Switching from machines to free weights for barbell curls and chest press !

Will be doing overhead press. Help with upper body strength for Squats and overall for balance in upper body training. Better than machines.

- David