( Update 7 - Long Insertion Point- Bicep Tendonitis - January 14th 2019 )

Shoulder is now workable on a consistent enough basis.

I have not properly conditioned my upper body since week 47 ( 24 weeks ago ). It’s been a long injury, since June 2018. As a result, I noticed that my upper body mass has reduced, as well as my upper body strength too.

Now that I am training transition moves ( scoots, tdraiz, valdez, masterscoot, etc ) I don’t have as much “push” from them. They are definitely weaker than before.

I’m going to slowly continue to build strength in my upper body, and for the past week or so I have been re-training and getting comfortable again with setups ( I was doing cartwheels though for the past few months, those didn’t bother me so much ).

Safe to say that the possibility of getting tendonitis again in my shoulder is there, but it’s better to play it safe and just do physio, and try to avoid re-injury. Going to keep taping. Going to keep the weights low but be consistent with physio. Also will continue Ultrasound Therapy from my PT. That has helped a lot !

Hope all is well !

- David