( Update 5 - November 14th 2018 )



Just wanted to add a quick update on what I use exogenously to enhance performance or recovery. The list is as follows !

- Creatine
- Caffeine

Creatine helps with ATP synthesis. Drinking lots of water will balance the possibility of being too water retained / dehydrated. I do notice a difference in more power. I take a small amount ( about 1 table spoon, about 5g or less) daily in my morning smoothie. It is far lower than the recommended portion of 25g a day, however I do notice it’s efffects. My blood tests came back reporting that my blood circulating creatine levels were adequate. It works well for me, I do recommend it for stable power throughout sessions.

Caffeine I use before sessions. Was off caffeine for a long time, but since I don’t have the luxury of training when I feel like and stick to when the open gym schedule is, I train when I’m allowed to. I will use caffeine to ensure I’m the most awake and alert. Most is probably a large cup of coffee or 300mg max at events. I don’t drink caffeine on any other occasions currently.

CBD Oil is the medicinal extract from the cannabis plant. It contains properties that are beneficial for rest / recovery / relaxation. It does not have any psychoactive properties. I have been on it for a short time, but so far I do notice the effects. I am taking approximately 16mg daily.

These are the supplements I am currently using for performance / recovery. All work effectively.