Update 10 - New PR System + Evolution of Lifts - March 20th 2019

Change Log:

- 100% Intensity days will involve a 1 Rep Max & 5 Rep Max
- Leg Extensions Removed
- Core / Back Machines Removed
- Olympic Lifts Added


So there shouldn’t be much modification. I plan on understanding these changes and getting a feel for their implementation and hope to be steady (like week 1 to 52) once I reach week 100. I don’t want to deviate much once I’ve established what I now understand to be the pinnacle of strength training for athletes which cross benefit their sports.

For my 100% effort exercises, I’ll be going first for a 5 RM on my 4th set and then a 1 RM. This is mainly to be able to establish a new absolute 100%, and then also train reps of the highest 5 rep (complete) set that I’ve ever done. So both sets will be my “limit”, which I’ll train the next 4 weeks to beat.

Leg Extensions I made it to 275lbs, Ab crunch and back extensions maxed. In terms of the natural evolution of these things, all the machines I completed instead of hovering at their maxes, I rather just take the strength gain and start to learn exercises that can exceed those weights. The ones I didn’t complete, I think training compound movements will be better than isolation - except for if I’m injured, then machines really shine.

Adding exercises on top of machine usage ( for example, adding deadlifts, front squats and cleans ) which do train core, back and quads would only over-train me if I kept machines. Plus, it’s time consuming as well. Having a more condensed routine, and is less redundant.

Pretty much my understanding is that the highest evolution of all these compound lift exercises leads towards the Olympic Lifts, and since Clarence Kennedy is my absolute favourite lifter, probably one of the strongest people in the world, and an inspiration, I’ve just been feeling the need to move towards that direction.

The Squat, Deadlift, Overhead Press are all basic movements, that are fundamental and combined together in a single complex movement which make up the olympic lifts such as Clean & Jerks and Snatches. These are the highest level of difficulties that demonstrate skill when moving high amounts of weight, and are more explosive movements than just their basic forms, especially past machine usage.

Going to be working towards these !

So far loving it, starting off slow and controlled - now back to weight lifting fully and eager to see where it takes me.