Nicco Miranda has contributed towards various projects within the Toronto Tricking Community over the years. He has been the artistic face of many of the events that have been organized, and has contributed to other ventures outside of tricking and even outside of Toronto.

He's an amazing artist who has always been at the core of the Toronto Tricking Community.

Please visit his website to learn more about him !


The Monkey Vault has provided a learning grounds for many in the Toronto Tricking Community, and Utopia is fortunate to work together with the training facility in the form of volunteering as a Community Support Member.

Utopia Tricking operates out of the Monkey Vault on Mondays , generally in the evening. Check the instagram account for specifics on when. Anyone interested in furthering themselves or others for tricking is welcome to join in, but be sure to train hard !

Simply join in, learn and contribute to the tricking spirit !


MWF Madness is Allen Keng's Open Gym and beginner Tricking / Acro program. He offers instruction on Trampoline, Conditioning, Acrobatics, Stunts, Tricking & More !

Utopia Tricking has been a long time supporter of Allen Keng's program, since it's where David Milner first got started with Tricking in 2007 ! Be sure to support and visit Allen's community.

True North Trickers.png

Utopia Tricking is excited to train together with our friends from Edmonton Alberta, True North Tricking, to help build community and help the sport grow.

Toronto x Edmonton


I got the chance to work with the team over at Mississauga Tricking / Axé Martial Arts & Fitness !

Judged two divisions of tricking battles featuring the next generation of Toronto/Ontario trickers !

A lot of promise !

Will likely run into this crew again sometime !