Utopia Tricking

From when I first wanted to get into this sport in 2007, to now. How much I've changed and grown as a person, what I've learned about life and how much this sport has done for me, it's become tied into my life purpose.

This sport has taught me that if I stay dedicated, consistent, optomistic, strategic, courageous, and disciplined, as time goes on, I get one step closer to my goals. My body, mind and spirit begin to feel possibilities open up and just that feeling of becoming more and expressing it through creation has become so addictive to me. I absolutely love training and growing!

Not only within the world of tricking, but life overall, I've found a way to live that brings me inner strength and happiness and a future to constantly look forward to living. I am able to accomplish my dreams, and continue to envision and create more and more of them !

And I encourage everyone to find it in themselves, to be able to do the same. Utopia Tricking means finding your own personal dream life and achieving it. Work hard, and live it!

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